About Us

Craft ales for the modern consumer

30 years ago I had the idea to get out of the rat race and setup a brewery making the sorts of beers that I liked.  2 years ago I managed it but then just as things were starting to happen Coronavirus struck and the world was plunged into a global pandemic.  Today things are starting to improve and we have a range of 5 ales. We also have  an occasional brewers choice brew which is usually a hop I am trying out on the basis that you should never stop trying to perfect things.

Our suppliers

Our role is to take the finest ingredients and combine them to make great tasting hand crafted beer.

All of our barley is supplied by a local company in Warminster who produce some of the finest floor-malted Marris Otter barley in the world. Its low nitrogen content makes it ideal for producing the type of beer that we make at Little Brewery.

Our hop supplier in the Malvern Hills of Worcestershire has a fantastic variety of hop from all around the world and a great range of yeasts.

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